Be responsible

Responsibility is a big word for me, there are a lot of different types of responsibilities in the world but the fundamental one I think is family responsibility.

I am someone who is realistic and not too much of a dreamer. I’ve always heard people shared their big dreams and some well to do men shared to be success are to focus on big deals rather than small deals. Well I am not trying to argue on their point of view, but I think those who able to make it this way are only minority. This is not for everyone. A lot of us are just ordinary being, work hard is more workable way than just depend on working smart for many many people.

If everyone wants quick success by ignoring the humble process, ignore all the small deals. I see the person it as a not a really responsible being. Because just look at the person who is close to me, no matter how much cash the person has. Just because want to earn fast money & poor money management by spending most of the wealth for business on investment in just short time, there is no return plus now on debt.

This happen so many time! How can he never learnt the lesson? Just work any job, save the money & spend like normal human being is that so hard?

That’s why in one way, I prefer to be a doer realistic rather than a Big head dreamer. Because what we do when we are young is responsible for our future family.


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