Be responsible

Responsibility is a big word for me, there are a lot of different types of responsibilities in the world but the fundamental one I think is family responsibility.

I am someone who is realistic and not too much of a dreamer. I’ve always heard people shared their big dreams and some well to do men shared to be success are to focus on big deals rather than small deals. Well I am not trying to argue on their point of view, but I think those who able to make it this way are only minority. This is not for everyone. A lot of us are just ordinary being, work hard is more workable way than just depend on working smart for many many people.

If everyone wants quick success by ignoring the humble process, ignore all the small deals. I see the person it as a not a really responsible being. Because just look at the person who is close to me, no matter how much cash the person has. Just because want to earn fast money & poor money management by spending most of the wealth for business on investment in just short time, there is no return plus now on debt.

This happen so many time! How can he never learnt the lesson? Just work any job, save the money & spend like normal human being is that so hard?

That’s why in one way, I prefer to be a doer realistic rather than a Big head dreamer. Because what we do when we are young is responsible for our future family.


The Joy of Listening from God

I’m getting myself back on track to have devotion daily especially to pray and worship and I’m having the joy of listening from God. I’m always doubt that the voice in my head whether is it from God or from myself or even from the evil one.

There is one day, Fei ling invite me to her house for dinner to celebrate Siew Lin’s belated birthday. I was thinking what to buy for her as a birthday present, and the word “pillow” just pop up in my head. I find it totally strange to buy sleeping pillow due to everyone will just buy their own sleeping pillow, and furthermore I had other idea to what to buy for Siew Lin. Anyway I still buy a sleeping pillow together with a pillow case.

When I present the pillow to Siew Lin, she was saying “I am actually prayed for a pillow as my birthday present”. This really encourage me a lot!

2nd incident is that I felt Holy Spirit ask me to go Church Prayer meeting, well this is the 2nd time Holy Spirit prompted me to go and I forget also refused to go. This time I went, and there were many unpleasant things happened and cause me to think is it worth going for. I not going regularly and quite reluctant to go actually, until last week when I pray for a person’s need. I finally felt that is the reason I am there in prayer meeting. It makes me felt that I really should continue to go prayer meeting for the same reason.

Also few days ago, one of my tenant actually has a intention to go to church. I pass his number to Hope Serdang church brother, hopefully that this will bare fruit. Because of this incident, I start to find my job has a meaning. Its not only just earning money but it open the opportunities for me to have chances to be a messenger to introduce church to people.

Finally I realize that God do speak to me often, due to my small little faith always reject His voice and live in self denial. All Glory to God, may He find pleasure in me and help me to recognize His voice like sheep will recognize the voice of His master.

2013 Resolution

I know I’m really late!!! Because I can’t really think much for this year T.T


1. Finish reading 10 books – Finished 2

2. Increase my knowledge

3. Conquer mount Kota Kinabalu

4. Honor and Respect others

5. Get a baby 🙂

6. Have a nice & tidy Home

7. Cook nice meals.

9. Cholesterol level back to normal

10. Reach my saving target

11. Cross 100k nett income


Man on wheel chair

I believe that most of us have this experience where you will see disable people waiting in front of some shops, or they will approach you while you are having lunch or dinner. I do not know about you but for me I always have this thoughts that I will classified them as same group as the beggar’s gang or organization where they go around to get money from you, which means they cheat our money.

There is one time during dinner time in Seri Kembangan, There is a person without a leg carried an amplifier with him together blasting music and sing karaoke with a mic. That is one of the rare time that I gave, and it even also because of John ask me to give. I turn down another time of giving when there is one  cripple man try to sell some bookmarks that made by himself I because I always confuse whether are they genuine or trying to cheat from us. I never try to listen to their story even once.

Until few days ago, I went to Public Bank in Taipan. I saw this familiar man on wheel chair waiting in front of the bank selling pens. The first time I saw him was 1 month ago, I only had RM5 in my pocket and I quite broke at that time. And the usual me thought that he is carrying some donation box and leave me some suspicious impression at first. But things gets interesting when I saw one guy tried to gave him some token of money and he refuse to take it, and I thought this is something that I never see before. So I went to try to give him my RM5 (the only money I left).

” Sorry mam, I can’t take your money. If you want to buy the pen it cost RM10.”

“I do not have change, I only have RM5 with me”

“Its ok, you can buy next time. I will be here all the time” Then I walked away feeling confused. (Is there really somebody like him? Not taking money?)

And he is there again. I went to him and try another time, this time I gave him RM1 (that’s because I have RM1 and RM100 with me).

He tells me the same thing, rejecting my RM1 and this time I hand him RM100 and ask whether he has change. I waited for him while he is looking around in his pocket and finally give me the RM90 change.

I stopped and chat with him a while and for the first time I listen to his story.

He has been on wheel chair for 6 years. First year he lay at home doing nothing, second year he join Spinal Cord Training Center learning to be independent. And now he own a car specially made for disable people and able to transport around all by himself. He stayed in Rawang and going over all places to sell pens. He said that selling pen is just to earn daily expenses, while his main job is to train and teach other disable people to be independent. Sometimes he will asked to give a speech invited by his friends as his freelance job.

I asked him if he would do selling in night market it would be easier to generate income, but I did not know that it is very a difficult task for him because he has to set up the tables which is very difficult and need to hire people to help him. So selling pen this way is much easier for him.

” The income usually good when comes to first week and last week of the month because people are getting their payroll while 2nd and 3rd week more quiet. The peak hour usually start from 9.30am to 11am when the banks start to be very busy, after that will be slower. And I usually stay up until 8pm then only go back home”

“The reason why I am not taking your money is because I do not want to be an example for other disable people to get lazy money. I want to teach others to get money by work for it. I value myself very much that I wish to help others as well. Is good that today I am able to share this message to you and you can share this message to few more of your friends.”

Lastly before I left, we both exchange our contacts. He gave me his name card, he has other business such as introduce people to wiring installation, office equipment/stationery, spinal cord patient training and selling decorative accessories.

I am glad that I stopped to listen to his story. This incident really taught me something valuable, that those on the street who are selling stuff are really their hard earning job.

And I wish next time I will give more time to listen to others story.

How about you? I hope this will leave something for you to think through. Instead of rejecting them, why not give a little help and maybe listen to them for just one time?




2012 Resolution

When I look back on 2011, I’ve realize that about 50% of the resolution I didn’t fulfill haha… However I did achieve something else, they are not in the list lol.. It was a tough ride from last year but also a year full of miracle!

I haven’t put much solid thoughts for 2012 yet, but I will list down some first that I think I should/want to do.

1. Be independent in my work – I can handle cases myself, having breakthrough and growing in my sales and rental.

2. Come back to youth ministry

3. I want to Love Him with my heart, not base on work to gain His acceptance

4. Have more confident, love, joy and peace

  1. Teach vocal lessons
  2. Keep the house clean and tidy (clean at least once a week… lol should I do duty rooster?)
  3. Doing Quality Devotion Daily
  4. Join Running Competition
  5. exercise weekly
  6. Loose 4kg!
  7. Learn to bake
  8. Clear 4k for my PTPTN loan.
  9. Read 6 books

I think that’s about it for this moment.


HUGE experience

HUGE camp 2011 started at 26 December @ tiara beach, port Dickson.

it was a rushing day firstly we are busy packing in the morning, pick up the youths and ride together to post Dickson. Along the way, the van heat up and we have to stop half way so that to cool down the van.

After that we only get to know we are the first ushering team for the night. Basically we din’t have much rest.

To cut the story short. I’ve really enjoy these few days.

1. It’s really a nice break for me from my work.
2. The girls surprise me that we are able to have fun together.
3. It’s my first time being altar worker, praying for people. I’ve never experience things like this before that when I first lay hand on a girl and praying in tongues. She falls……. I’ve also experience praying for gals that I do not know n they start to cry.
4. Speaking word of exhortation and prophetic. I always have this fear to speak prophetic words even though I think I can hear from God. There is one session in camp that I have no choice but to stand in front of 900 campers together with other youth pastors and leaders to pray for the youth. When I speak “God is telling you” to the first person, the rest of the words just flow naturally. I can felt the holy spirit is leading me from beginning till the end, what to do and what to say next. It’s just…. Full of surprise. I am not sure whether am I called to be prophet lol. But definitely I want to go back to people ministry, I pray and hope that one day I can go back to youth service soon.
5. Personal touch from God. I’ve touch by God through pastor jeremy’s sermon talking about having simple faith following Jesus. It’s seems like telling me that I am a very doer person who always tend to show my love with how much I did for Him. I start to learn to show my love to God with my heart.

There are many more to says but I wish to stop here. 🙂


Klang Food

Recently I been going a lot to Klang area to work and eat at the same time, I have sort of this “dream come through” feeling because I’ve have been hearing that Klang is a town of food heaven. What more I was once stayed in Klang before. What a shame that for me do not know any of the klang famous food other than Bakuteh! Not mentioning too I only know one place for Bakuteh in klang. LOL.

One thing I find it interesting in klang locals is that, they take it as a pride in promoting their hometown food at all cause. Yes I mean … all cause. Just look at Jone Yeoh in our church, he bring us all the way to klang to have Bakuteh. LOL thats kinda far.. Most of the klang people are like that.

Let me list down some of the good food that I’ve taste before in klang. (oopps, sorry I got to take it from other blogger because I didn’t shoot photo)

  1. Wantan Mee, behind Maybank at Jalan Gelugor. They have been there for 30 years and it run by a family. My dad loves their food yet he only tried a few times due to their randomness on operating their stores. I mean randomness, because they operate the stores as they like and only 3-4 hours each day. You won’t know when they close, you got to try your luck.
  2. Yao yao ping, oppossite Pandamaran Primary school at Pandamaran. I went there with Jone, John and Joe. Me and Jone had asam flavour while the other 2 had watermelon flavour. We didn’t try the fried chicken though.
  3. Char Kuey Teow & Chicken Rice @ Kim San Restaurant, Chi Liung. Went with Joe and Pastors.
  4. Bakuteh at Taman Rasna, I’ve been there few times. Basically I can’t tell which bakuteh is the best, generally they are good for my taste bud just as my husband said, we can only tell which are really that bad taste. =)
  5. Ah San Bakuteh at Pandamaran, I didn’t manage to get the link. But it kinda good too. Jone bring us to his childhood favorite food before we hunt for yao yao ping.
  6. Pau Shop at Taman Rasna, thanks to Shireen who brought me there to not only eat their paus, I specially like their “nuo mi ji”. ah… (chicken sticky rice)
  7. “Lou Shue Fun” Near Klang Parade, for the first time I mistaken the dry noodles is soup base due to their very plain look without black soy sauce. It has unique taste which the pork lovers definitely love it.
  8. Mee Hon Kuih At Berkeley,do go to the right one because there are 2 stores are competing each other. But for the original one would be the stores having 6-7 pots station and having a lot of workers cooking. =)
  9. Chee Cheong Fun in Klang also its one of the kind awesome! The particular shop I went, they put “her bee” (small shrimp) on top of chee cheong fun makes it taste uniquely nice and crunchy. Their fried wan tan is irresistible.. (if you know me in person, I do not usually eat fried stuff especially “fu chok” so its really nice!) . Pardon me for the excitement, and I can’t recall the place I went @.@ I’ll try to look for it.
  10. Boon Tat Restaurant in Pandamaran. I had seafood once in that shop, I like one of the seafood dish that is fish. Erm how to say it, that is fish paste that wrapped with fish skin arranged in a fish shape. Do refer to the picture in the blog, you will spot it.
  11. Chicken Rice & Ho Fun at Jalan Meru, behind Petronas; Opposite UOB building. I like their Kuey Teow Soup very much.

There are more to list down. But I guess should put it a stop right now =) I think whether it is taste nice or not is really depend on each individual, what I think is nice might not be at your level of preference just like my hubby. He do not like pork taste so I think some of the food I listed above might not be his preference. Also I came to understand that Klang Locals prefer strong flavor of spices in the food compare to Subang people ( I consider living among Subang and Klang people). Because of this, I try to appreciate different kind of food and embrace it LOL..

good night.

Climb out from the first floor

Last week there is an owner of a shop unit called me up telling me to help him rent out his first floor unit.

After much arrangement, I decided to hang banner on Saturday Afternoon time.

When I reach the unit and check where to hang it. I was like “shoot”! how to hang? thats because the window is sliding door type instead of usual open facing outside.

The type of banner i have are to hang with rope and I do not have sticker banner. So if want to hang the banner I would need help from another person.

The trick would be (after i squeeze my brain cell for a while),

1. one person will sqeeze the rope through one side of a panel of the window and another person would get the rope from outside of the window

2. then tie the rope to the banner facing outside of the window, while the ropes at the back of the window will either tie or stick at the window.

If not there is no way (donno how) to hang the banner.

There is a tenant sitting there only minding his own thing and seems like do not care about what am I doing. I was so reluctant to ask help from him. (that is because i suspect this guy chase out by the owner in the first place lol)

I do not want to give up on this since I’m already there.

I walk here and there thinking how,… finally.

1. I take off the rope from the banner and squeeze the rope between first panel of window and 2nd panel of window.

2. the width of the window is too long for me to grab from another side. So i borrow a chair, stand on it and one leg climb out the window and grab the other side of the rope. Good thing below first floor there is neon signboard underneath. I step on it.

3. and tied it.

4. I hang 1 infront and 1 behind the unit. The 2nd banner is harder to hang because there is partition in between the windows.i walk here and there for many times to tie it.


I spent 1 hour to just hang 2 banners, and my fingers hurt due to trying to squeeze the rope between the windows. T.T


what an experience lol.


10 things to remember in November

1. Spend our first wedding anniversary in Ipoh

2. Close a deal just before going down to Ipoh

3. A cat stuck in my car bonnet

4. Saw 2 rainbow at a same place

5. Chase out my tenant who didn’t pay rent and rude to me, my boss and her partner help me settle it. So kind of them.

6. Attend friend’s (Hui Chen) wedding

7. Meet up my previous church’s friends (Siew Lin, Fei Ling and chia hong at different time)

8. 7 air conditioners and other goods of my tenant’s shop unit get stolen and the thief try to burn the unit. Thank God that the fire stop and it didn’t succeed. Its amazing because there are a lot of wooden furniture inside the unit and it didn’t get burn. It cause about RM50k lost!

9. The same tenant rent another 2 units from me, 1 for his own use and another as kindergarden. The amazing thing is he is so kind that still rent houses from me after the “stolen case”. I only found out the incident after he do payment to me.

10. My mother in law buy me 2 dinner dress out of a blue lol.