The Joy of Listening from God

I’m getting myself back on track to have devotion daily especially to pray and worship and I’m having the joy of listening from God. I’m always doubt that the voice in my head whether is it from God or from myself or even from the evil one.

There is one day, Fei ling invite me to her house for dinner to celebrate Siew Lin’s belated birthday. I was thinking what to buy for her as a birthday present, and the word “pillow” just pop up in my head. I find it totally strange to buy sleeping pillow due to everyone will just buy their own sleeping pillow, and furthermore I had other idea to what to buy for Siew Lin. Anyway I still buy a sleeping pillow together with a pillow case.

When I present the pillow to Siew Lin, she was saying “I am actually prayed for a pillow as my birthday present”. This really encourage me a lot!

2nd incident is that I felt Holy Spirit ask me to go Church Prayer meeting, well this is the 2nd time Holy Spirit prompted me to go and I forget also refused to go. This time I went, and there were many unpleasant things happened and cause me to think is it worth going for. I not going regularly and quite reluctant to go actually, until last week when I pray for a person’s need. I finally felt that is the reason I am there in prayer meeting. It makes me felt that I really should continue to go prayer meeting for the same reason.

Also few days ago, one of my tenant actually has a intention to go to church. I pass his number to Hope Serdang church brother, hopefully that this will bare fruit. Because of this incident, I start to find my job has a meaning. Its not only just earning money but it open the opportunities for me to have chances to be a messenger to introduce church to people.

Finally I realize that God do speak to me often, due to my small little faith always reject His voice and live in self denial. All Glory to God, may He find pleasure in me and help me to recognize His voice like sheep will recognize the voice of His master.


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