Klang Food

Recently I been going a lot to Klang area to work and eat at the same time, I have sort of this “dream come through” feeling because I’ve have been hearing that Klang is a town of food heaven. What more I was once stayed in Klang before. What a shame that for me do not know any of the klang famous food other than Bakuteh! Not mentioning too I only know one place for Bakuteh in klang. LOL.

One thing I find it interesting in klang locals is that, they take it as a pride in promoting their hometown food at all cause. Yes I mean … all cause. Just look at Jone Yeoh in our church, he bring us all the way to klang to have Bakuteh. LOL thats kinda far.. Most of the klang people are like that.

Let me list down some of the good food that I’ve taste before in klang. (oopps, sorry I got to take it from other blogger because I didn’t shoot photo)

  1. Wantan Mee, behind Maybank at Jalan Gelugor. They have been there for 30 years and it run by a family. My dad loves their food yet he only tried a few times due to their randomness on operating their stores. I mean randomness, because they operate the stores as they like and only 3-4 hours each day. You won’t know when they close, you got to try your luck.
  2. Yao yao ping, oppossite Pandamaran Primary school at Pandamaran. I went there with Jone, John and Joe. Me and Jone had asam flavour while the other 2 had watermelon flavour. We didn’t try the fried chicken though.
  3. Char Kuey Teow & Chicken Rice @ Kim San Restaurant, Chi Liung. Went with Joe and Pastors.
  4. Bakuteh at Taman Rasna, I’ve been there few times. Basically I can’t tell which bakuteh is the best, generally they are good for my taste bud just as my husband said, we can only tell which are really that bad taste. =)
  5. Ah San Bakuteh at Pandamaran, I didn’t manage to get the link. But it kinda good too. Jone bring us to his childhood favorite food before we hunt for yao yao ping.
  6. Pau Shop at Taman Rasna, thanks to Shireen who brought me there to not only eat their paus, I specially like their “nuo mi ji”. ah… (chicken sticky rice)
  7. “Lou Shue Fun” Near Klang Parade, for the first time I mistaken the dry noodles is soup base due to their very plain look without black soy sauce. It has unique taste which the pork lovers definitely love it.
  8. Mee Hon Kuih At Berkeley,do go to the right one because there are 2 stores are competing each other. But for the original one would be the stores having 6-7 pots station and having a lot of workers cooking. =)
  9. Chee Cheong Fun in Klang also its one of the kind awesome! The particular shop I went, they put “her bee” (small shrimp) on top of chee cheong fun makes it taste uniquely nice and crunchy. Their fried wan tan is irresistible.. (if you know me in person, I do not usually eat fried stuff especially “fu chok” so its really nice!) . Pardon me for the excitement, and I can’t recall the place I went @.@ I’ll try to look for it.
  10. Boon Tat Restaurant in Pandamaran. I had seafood once in that shop, I like one of the seafood dish that is fish. Erm how to say it, that is fish paste that wrapped with fish skin arranged in a fish shape. Do refer to the picture in the blog, you will spot it.
  11. Chicken Rice & Ho Fun at Jalan Meru, behind Petronas; Opposite UOB building. I like their Kuey Teow Soup very much.

There are more to list down. But I guess should put it a stop right now =) I think whether it is taste nice or not is really depend on each individual, what I think is nice might not be at your level of preference just like my hubby. He do not like pork taste so I think some of the food I listed above might not be his preference. Also I came to understand that Klang Locals prefer strong flavor of spices in the food compare to Subang people ( I consider living among Subang and Klang people). Because of this, I try to appreciate different kind of food and embrace it LOL..

good night.