Awesome persons that I’ve met

There’s already been 5 months that I’ve working as a real estate agent. I would say it was a awesome ride for this 5 months, it have been open my mind that I am able to meet different kind of people and it was really exciting!

Today I met up with an owner who has been really kind to me all these while letting me to handle his property in Bukit Raja. After 2 months knowing him, today me and my colleague sitting at a cafe restaurant in Center Point, BU. Having 3 hours chat with him and his lovely wife.

He shared his experience and knowledge in investing properties, he also shared how he started invest the first house until now. The journey was crazy and amazing. What is more inspiring is even though he as a very rich guy, but he is willing to share his thoughts and knowledge unselfishly to us on how to make wise investments.

He commented me having a good heart, that’s really made me a day =)


Father’s Day & Graduation


That is at one of the weekdays afternoon were so coincidentally the Poh’s family are around, and my dad was not aware that the weekend is Father’s day. We randomly had our father’s day at Sekinchan Ikan Bakar, Bukit Tinggi.

The food is nice =) Spicy

There have Raw Vegies as shown which we not really keen to eat except my dad..

The restaurant has a lot of fishes choices plus other seafood.

I will go back there again


SISTER’s Graduation Day

My sister came down from Kluang, Johor is due to her Graduation thats falls on coming Monday after Father’s day. She took degree in Multimedia at Open University.She did quite awesome in her studies and I am so proud of her =)

The graduation is in PWTC. How i missed the place as I had my first exhibition experience there =)

When I reach the building. I am amazed by so much of Malays graduates and families around, and I am more amaze with what I saw with this.

ANGRY BIRD in the basket~~ I am sure if the receiver is me, I will be more than happy for a while haha~~


Tanjong Sepat

There is one time I have this chance go down to Tanjong Sepat for work. Which is about 1 hour drive from Klang..

After work.. we go makan!~

The sea

Local Crab

Fish (sour)

O jian

The Restaurant sign board

DOt. DOt. Dot.

If God has given me a special gift, how can I used it correctly & effectively? N Place me in a place such as this.

If it is actually to ask me to rebuke others? sigh….

I have known the church is quite dead. I felt it so deadly when I was in camp and also in service today. Sorry to say that people are not care about each other, people who should take responsibility to take care of the camp. NEVER DID.


And when I thought that I have a lot of friends, but it is not. I went to meet familiar faces today and yet those who once was my comrade. Just said few words to me and mingle around with their own friends.

When I asked why, they explained that they are tired. Well maybe. But I don’t buy it.

I am just “dot dot dot”.. “….”



Sorry to put in a blog… I CANNOT TAHAN d.


24 April, 2nd month of work

This 2 months seems like as long as 4 months for me.

I can’t recall how many times that I have been wanted to give up the job sigh.. I know I am having little faith and lots of doubts.

But I know one thing. I really not prepare at all! I am so regret that why I didn’t start this job as part timer instead of now suffering.

I remember the taxi driver in singapore who blog his story everyday. I too wish to left bit of memory here as estate agent.

Let’s start with a story from a service apartment in USJ. I remember this is the first project I get from my m.i.l (mom in law). I start smsing and calling up the owners.. those numbers either unavailable or those owner already sell off to others. Under desperation, I search online… finally found someone who is responsive to my msg.

He is Andy, after we went to his house for viewing… I finally get my really first owner listing after Sri Petaling house.

Things didn’t end there. Not long after that Andy join our company become estate agent too.

He is keen to explore in this field because he sees the big opportunities in this field, also due to he is very bored with his current job.I am thankful that he always ask me to go along or work together with him in the service apartment he stayed because he treats me as someone he can trust.

However we found that it is not easy due to there are agents covering that place. Particular that is an agent LTX (his initials that created by me lol). This agent do not know how to speak english >.< I do not understand how he can earn so much in doing such high end service apartment. And the way he do things never depend on black and white document, mostly are vocal agreement.He is nasty, and most important thing. FAST! He is like ” boss of the black society”, no one can or handful agents can rampas business from him

Andy’s friend who wants to rent out a unit there, initially was my listing. And so happen this friend called LTX, straight away not long after that he get him a tenant already without asking permission from the owner!~

Andy also just bought a unit there through LTX sometimes ago. The unit is tenanted and when Andy wants to take back the key, LTX don’t allow (I am sure LTX will get him tenant by the time the tenant moved out).Andy was angry with what he done.

There is also an owner agree to sell his house at RM180k, and I have serious buyer willing to offer up to RM200k for his unit. But coz the owner called LTX surveying prices that he realize that the unit can sell off up to RM220k, the owner keep pending up till now never give me answer (KNS BETUL!) and cause me lost a sales that almost deal = =

What so special about LTX? I do not understand, but Andy’s uncle bought 25 units through him. His uncle never see the units before,  moreover LTX settle all the renovation and renting out the 25 units of his. Not only that, His uncle has introduce many investers to LTX. LTX has sold off more than 70 units directly/indirectly through Andy’s uncle.

Hopefully one day, LTX can balik kampung! LOL. coz I think his way of doing things is “gangsterism”

And Andy can in charge the place LOL.

Continue the story of the agent

I am So sorry but to share this, lol.

It is so true with God;s word that no sin can be hidden under carpet, it will surface anyhow.


For those do not know what had happened. Just go to my previous post .

I went to Management Office to pay water and management fees just now, at the same time I chit chat with her. Then she told me that there is a guy called her after I left few weeks ago telling her that he wants to buy the unit (which i show that day with the other agent) . SO he wants to gets the owner’s contact number.

The lady don’t want to give him unless she get’s the permission from the owner. Then I come to realize that the owner actually do not have intention to sell the house. The guy who called the lady actually is the stupid agent! He do not know the owner, do not have the owner’s contact but he show the unit to us @.@


I thank God for protecting me and the buyer, thank God i just get scolded by the buyer only.

And another amazing thing happen.

Yesterday when I follow my mom in law to show unit, the buyer that she meeting is the buyer who sms scolded me one =-=

What a BIG JOKE. She likes pretend nothing happen and forget what had happened like that LOL. Anyway I said sorry to her for what had happened. And she likes nothing also.

Thank God LOL.

Hopefully she will able to buy the unit.


Restaurant Lan Je

Today Steven (my boss) bring me and my mom in law to Kota Damansara for Lunch.

I was like pening pening in the car then reach the destiny unknowingly. The restaurant is a simple kind of seafood restaurant, it only has a few menu.

The Restaurant

The Menu.

There is a lot of people packing inside the restaurant, we waited more than 30 minutes for our dishes. What so special about here is their steam fish menu. most of the people there order one dish of fish for each person. Not for sharing.

Part of the crowd.

After reading newspapers for a while and chit chating. Finally our fishes arrived.

3 of us eating 2 fishes and 1 dish of sayur.

Spicy and taste nice =D the fish look like the one i tasted in Port Dickson (that was a legend!- which i think still the best fish in the world haha) . Cheap like anything, one fish just cost only RM17.50!

Go and try ler hehe

This shop have 4 branches, This one is at

F-50G & 51G Jalan Teknologi 3/9,
Bistari “DE” Kota Damansara,
PJU 5, 47810 PJ Selangor

Close on Tuesday

Business Hour: 11.30 am – 3.00pm/5.45pm – 9.00pm

Sri Pilmor

I went to this Show unit earlier of this month under SIME DARBY development. 50% green and 50% home concept

I do not hesitate to say this is the prettiest house I have seen so far in real life. (I know I am CHA KUN – orang kampung).

Yesterday is my 2nd time going there with Joe just for fun. The sales person there never get down our contact also knowing that we are not afford to buy it HAHAHA..

you think what, those buy the houses are DATO la.. director of some big companies LOL.

ok lets see photos.

Outside of the house

I Make sure to prove myself been to this house before LOL.

Living room, Joe is playing his favorite song

kitchen and dining area

Just imagine you have a bar by yourself

I love this! music room

Isn’t this ball chair? I sat on it and actually I quite scare LOL. scare it will drop haha

According to Joe that you can swim inside this small pool bacause it has some sucking system ( i don’t get it)

Pool table room! This is sinful lol


This house has a lot of rooms and bedrooms. Worth 8 Million hehe.. of course this is show unit, the actual one will be without furniture LOL..

so syiok sendiri there.

Rainbow, the covenant

to continue the post previously.

I get very upset on Monday due to the case. Moreover the agent thought I want to undercut him by asking for owner’s number at management office. It challenge my patience and temper.I get really upset and almost do not want to go for choir practice.

Thank God I went because I think there is no use of being self pity at home, it just make things worst.

When I go out from my house heading to petrol station. I saw a beautiful rainbow appearing beside  CHI WEN primary school, my tears couldn’t stop flowing because it really reminds me of the covenant of God’s love.He never forget me =) I really feel that I see the vision from God for the very first time, because it is so impossible for rainbow to appear during such hot weather. These few day’s weather is crazily hot and without rain.

When I come out from petrol station, the rainbow disappear .

I counted the days; I realize that Monday mark my first month of work. I start work at 28 Feb and I witness rainbow at 28 March..

What a wonderful encounter.

Case of co-broking

Last Friday I get a call from a buyer looking for a flat under 100k around in Subang area with Chinese residences. The unit that I advertise is in Malay area so I tell her that if i have any unit will let her know.

So I want to learn how to co-broke with another agent. I found one unit in my staying area selling for 115k.

I call up the buyer and arrange the time at night 8pm to see the house.

The agent was not keen to co-broke with me. I fax him the co-broke letter in the afternoon and there is no news and no fax back. In fact he gave me the wrong number for fax. I found his company fax number online is not same with what he told me.

So when we see the house together, he not been honest with the house situation. The house has serious leaking problem everywhere yet he say those leaking mark is just water mark, not leaking.

I have never expect the buyer will want to buy the house, and i was really surprise that she wants to buy it and wanted to pay deposit the next day.

So I call up the agent, the agent said want to meet me at Saturday and also wanted to meet the client .

I was curious about it, I went to meet him together with Mom in law (Cecilia) without calling up the buyer.The agent is cunning where at first offer me only 2 percent commission which is only few hundred, but he actually intended to do under table cases. He wanted to test water to know whether the buyer is paying cash or not, so that  he can take 10K plus from the selling price. End up I might not getting any cent from the case.

Cecilia stopped him from doing that, she wants us to do the right way. So the agent actually hesitate a while and giving excuse that only can give me answer on Monday whether the owner want to sell it at that price or not. Meaning at the same time he is waiting for another buyer to buy from him.

After the meeting, the buyer called me wanted to pay deposit. I can’t tell her what was happened so I had to tell her that I haven’t get anything from the agent to proceed, not even the confirmation from the owner. At the same time too she wants to reduce the selling price from 115k to 108k for bad leaking problem. In my mind actually thinking I don’t think this deal will going to make it, so I just let her know that will get back to her by Monday.

Today I went to management office to ask for any other sellers wanted to sell their house in case the buyer can’t get the house. I actually feel bad for delaying the buyer who is very keen to buy the house. And the agent some more delaying me when I called him. I get frustrated of course and upset with such people who is so cunning at the same time thinking what to do next.

Suddenly when I was eating lunch I receive a msg from the buyer said that” your service real bad, I going to buy another unit in Puchong 90k fully furnished”

I was like ok….. it can be a good solution where I do not need to worry what to tell her if she called. But why must she tell me what she buy? And I understand why she say my service is bad coz of the delays.. Its not my fault, and it can be my fault from her point of view.

I not even finish my lunch, I throw there half way and come back. I can’t stand the whole thing..

Lesson learned, no co-broking for this moment.

I hate it when humans creates stories and make the whole thing so complicated. I have to answer every questions so careful that I won’t make any mistakes.