Mount Kota Kinabalu

We climbed mount KK last week. Me, John, Joe, Cassie, Cason and Aunty Wynnie and his husband.

The journey is tough yet the higher I climbed, the scenery is breath taking as if I’m going to heaven.

The weather is unpredictable, it rain this minute and can stop the next moment instantly. The process repeated until we were soaking wet when we reach Laban Rata. 4 of us took 8 and half hours to reach Laban Rata.

Aunty wynnie’s husband give up at first KM due to physical limitation and went home. Cason reach Laban rata in 4 hours while Cassie did in 6 & half hours.

Sadly, we din made it to the top due to bad weather the next morning.

We were Disappointed, but on the way back we saw beautiful rainbow thats seems to be on top of the mountain. It’s really beautiful.

@SidMohede: Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world. #LifeAdvice

Feel like climbing again 🙂 or to go other places.


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