2012 Resolution

When I look back on 2011, I’ve realize that about 50% of the resolution I didn’t fulfill haha… However I did achieve something else, they are not in the list lol.. It was a tough ride from last year but also a year full of miracle!

I haven’t put much solid thoughts for 2012 yet, but I will list down some first that I think I should/want to do.

1. Be independent in my work – I can handle cases myself, having breakthrough and growing in my sales and rental.

2. Come back to youth ministry

3. I want to Love Him with my heart, not base on work to gain His acceptance

4. Have more confident, love, joy and peace

  1. Teach vocal lessons
  2. Keep the house clean and tidy (clean at least once a week… lol should I do duty rooster?)
  3. Doing Quality Devotion Daily
  4. Join Running Competition
  5. exercise weekly
  6. Loose 4kg!
  7. Learn to bake
  8. Clear 4k for my PTPTN loan.
  9. Read 6 books

I think that’s about it for this moment.



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