HUGE experience

HUGE camp 2011 started at 26 December @ tiara beach, port Dickson.

it was a rushing day firstly we are busy packing in the morning, pick up the youths and ride together to post Dickson. Along the way, the van heat up and we have to stop half way so that to cool down the van.

After that we only get to know we are the first ushering team for the night. Basically we din’t have much rest.

To cut the story short. I’ve really enjoy these few days.

1. It’s really a nice break for me from my work.
2. The girls surprise me that we are able to have fun together.
3. It’s my first time being altar worker, praying for people. I’ve never experience things like this before that when I first lay hand on a girl and praying in tongues. She falls……. I’ve also experience praying for gals that I do not know n they start to cry.
4. Speaking word of exhortation and prophetic. I always have this fear to speak prophetic words even though I think I can hear from God. There is one session in camp that I have no choice but to stand in front of 900 campers together with other youth pastors and leaders to pray for the youth. When I speak “God is telling you” to the first person, the rest of the words just flow naturally. I can felt the holy spirit is leading me from beginning till the end, what to do and what to say next. It’s just…. Full of surprise. I am not sure whether am I called to be prophet lol. But definitely I want to go back to people ministry, I pray and hope that one day I can go back to youth service soon.
5. Personal touch from God. I’ve touch by God through pastor jeremy’s sermon talking about having simple faith following Jesus. It’s seems like telling me that I am a very doer person who always tend to show my love with how much I did for Him. I start to learn to show my love to God with my heart.

There are many more to says but I wish to stop here. 🙂



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