Climb out from the first floor

Last week there is an owner of a shop unit called me up telling me to help him rent out his first floor unit.

After much arrangement, I decided to hang banner on Saturday Afternoon time.

When I reach the unit and check where to hang it. I was like “shoot”! how to hang? thats because the window is sliding door type instead of usual open facing outside.

The type of banner i have are to hang with rope and I do not have sticker banner. So if want to hang the banner I would need help from another person.

The trick would be (after i squeeze my brain cell for a while),

1. one person will sqeeze the rope through one side of a panel of the window and another person would get the rope from outside of the window

2. then tie the rope to the banner facing outside of the window, while the ropes at the back of the window will either tie or stick at the window.

If not there is no way (donno how) to hang the banner.

There is a tenant sitting there only minding his own thing and seems like do not care about what am I doing. I was so reluctant to ask help from him. (that is because i suspect this guy chase out by the owner in the first place lol)

I do not want to give up on this since I’m already there.

I walk here and there thinking how,… finally.

1. I take off the rope from the banner and squeeze the rope between first panel of window and 2nd panel of window.

2. the width of the window is too long for me to grab from another side. So i borrow a chair, stand on it and one leg climb out the window and grab the other side of the rope. Good thing below first floor there is neon signboard underneath. I step on it.

3. and tied it.

4. I hang 1 infront and 1 behind the unit. The 2nd banner is harder to hang because there is partition in between the windows.i walk here and there for many times to tie it.


I spent 1 hour to just hang 2 banners, and my fingers hurt due to trying to squeeze the rope between the windows. T.T


what an experience lol.



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