10 things to remember in November

1. Spend our first wedding anniversary in Ipoh

2. Close a deal just before going down to Ipoh

3. A cat stuck in my car bonnet

4. Saw 2 rainbow at a same place

5. Chase out my tenant who didn’t pay rent and rude to me, my boss and her partner help me settle it. So kind of them.

6. Attend friend’s (Hui Chen) wedding

7. Meet up my previous church’s friends (Siew Lin, Fei Ling and chia hong at different time)

8. 7 air conditioners and other goods of my tenant’s shop unit get stolen and the thief try to burn the unit. Thank God that the fire stop and it didn’t succeed. Its amazing because there are a lot of wooden furniture inside the unit and it didn’t get burn. It cause about RM50k lost!

9. The same tenant rent another 2 units from me, 1 for his own use and another as kindergarden. The amazing thing is he is so kind that still rent houses from me after the “stolen case”. I only found out the incident after he do payment to me.

10. My mother in law buy me 2 dinner dress out of a blue lol.



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