Rainbow, the covenant

to continue the post previously.

I get very upset on Monday due to the case. Moreover the agent thought I want to undercut him by asking for owner’s number at management office. It challenge my patience and temper.I get really upset and almost do not want to go for choir practice.

Thank God I went because I think there is no use of being self pity at home, it just make things worst.

When I go out from my house heading to petrol station. I saw a beautiful rainbow appearing beside  CHI WEN primary school, my tears couldn’t stop flowing because it really reminds me of the covenant of God’s love.He never forget me =) I really feel that I see the vision from God for the very first time, because it is so impossible for rainbow to appear during such hot weather. These few day’s weather is crazily hot and without rain.

When I come out from petrol station, the rainbow disappear .

I counted the days; I realize that Monday mark my first month of work. I start work at 28 Feb and I witness rainbow at 28 March..

What a wonderful encounter.


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