His Grace

I just notice that I forget about my spiritual birthday! LOL 11 Nov 10 years ago i accepted Christ lol…

yea so much things happen within this 10 years time.

One of the biggest gift and by His grace that my dad walk me down the ilse on 6 november 2010.

It will not be happen without God’s grace. =D Maybe someone else other than my dad might walk me down. Who knows.

Yesterday over supper time we talk about broken families.. when they are so heat up in the topic, it jus reminded about my family.. All the hardship that we been through before.. It is just coz of God’s grace and mercy, that my siblings are doing well now. Also coz of His mercy, that my parents sitting together in the church witness my wedding =D

Blessed Belated Birthday to me LOL


One thought on “His Grace

  1. Oh, it’s a lovely sight my friend. It’s a touching moment to see your parents sitting side by side. It’s like they put aside all the problem between them and came together just to celebrate their daughter’s wedding with joy and expectation. I wish your family bond would see greater improvement thru this wedding.

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