Hi, hope everyone who knows Joash will  be fine by now.. because we will meet one day in heaven =)

1. The first day I knew him was at Taman Wawasan with JOhn cassie and Ravin

2. Always passing sweets to him during service time lol, the last time he pass me sweet

3. He borrowed me his lincoln Brewster CDs just coz he knew I like some of his songs

4. He is a really a nice guy

5. He has a sweet smile n nice wink

I am not really that sad about ur leaving by now coz I know ur in heaven, but I am really sad for your remaining family who are suffering with pain now 😦

I can’t concern trade while other ppl are praying coz I just pray for your family’s healing.. is like battle within the spiritual realm.

Pray that the favor of God and protection will be upon ur family.. and miracle will happen.

also for those who are deeply sad.. pray that can get over it soon. Also the lost will get save.



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