Where is my umbrella

I wanted to post this sometimes ago already haha…

2 weeks ago I went to gym on Saturday morning.. When I reach my locker in rest room I was shock to found out that stuff inside the locker are gone!. That time I was sien diao because my sport shoe is inside the locker… SO my stuff was missing I can wear sport shoe for gym.. Therefore I decided instead go for gym, I go to take bath HAHA..

After that I just notice that we can’t put our stuff overnight in the locker, the management will take away our stuff and keep in store.. So I go down to lobby want to claim back my stuff..

There i meet an aunty .. She looks thin and look worried. she told me that she go to overseas for few days only and her stuff are taken away.. at the mean time of waiting, somethings that curious me is that she keep taking stuff out from her bag.. from purse, key chain n suddenly.. she takes out tobasco! at first I tot is minyak wangi… haha.. mana tahu is tobasco ..!! i wonder why she carry the tobasco around n to gym?? haha..

then when the management ask us to claim our stuff.. out of my surprise she claim about 3-4 lockers stuff.. all the stuff is like enough to put inside a big laggage @,@ aren’t she tells me that she jus away for few days only? lol.. i think she likes stay there d..

finally she ask.. “where is my umbrella? I got 2 umbrella tat cannot find”

“please help me find ler coz the umbrella from overseas one ler..”

Finally i can’t stand laughing there and walk away..

Just few days ago.. I went to gym again.. N I SAW HER REALLY take an umbrella (looks like with cartoon on it), walk away from restroom.. muahaha


3 thoughts on “Where is my umbrella

  1. I’m surprised that the management open clients’ lockers. Didn’t they used their own padlocks? They must have locksmiths hired as staff then. Next time pls ask them how they opened ppl’s locks.

    • Hi hi Uncle,

      yea we ask. They cut it T.T yea Im surprise they did that too.. But too bad there really writing if we have overnight stuff they will take it away.

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