Different touch gives different meaning, some are Godly touch while some are not, I am not a touchy person in general. But I am ok with touch generally. However, funny thing is my body react differently or kinda reject few of person’s touch. Donno why I can felt gross, dangerous or being controlled through the touch. sometimes not even need to see the person, when the person touch me, I noe is that unwanted touch n I know is WHO!!! ok this is secret 😀 won’t tell you is who..

However, I am really welcome those Godly touch… N its bring power (cheh wah)… I remember There is one time, when I felt so down and rejected…. One aunty she hug me really really tight and I felt the love from her… I felt acceptance.. that hug literally really plays a part in changing my life.. Coz since then I noe the importance of hugging… if not why u think this person so famous… (the aunty who hug me is another person ah… not this.. this is just one day I come across this news)

India’s most famous woman guru, Mata Amritanandamayi, whose name means “mother of absolute bliss”, is renowned for many things.

But by far the best known fact about her is that she hugs people as a blessing and therapy.

I have read a news that this guru, come to Malaysia to hug people. THERE ARE SO MUCH OF people wanted to hug by her (thousand upon thousand) lining up to let her hug. A lot of people claim that they have change their life coz of her hug. So powerful.. if non Christian can bring such power. I believe the power of God can do greater than these through our touch and hug.

So…. give holy touch =D


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