Thank you HIM

Just want to say many thanks to Hope of God church.

what is so special about this church? I accepted Christ at 11.11.00 under an angmo preaching. (well, i accepted Christ without anyone sharing gospel to me -.- just coz I was touched by the testimony LOLx)

Thanks to all the mentors who came across and played a part in teaching me, erh.. I even forget some of their names.. haha, I change alot of shepherds before.. I donno why.. Thanks to yuen ching, xx Ping, Kek Wee, Ming Hui, got one more gal totaly forget, and lastly Siew Lin. They played different important role in my life. One gal teach me play keyboard before, one gal impact me to be commited Christian, one gal lead me through my broken hearted in my family problem, one guy influence me to involve in worship ministry and the importance of thithing, last one.. teach me the most and let me know the power of grace and love, also lead me to who am I today.  I am totally salute them who willing to share part of their life with me, that’s required sacrifices in times, energy and also finance sometimes.

I also want to thank my buddies in CGs, yea i changed few cgs before. Firstly those youth from Hope Setapak. Hwei Ing, my best buddy.. we share almost everything that time.. haha you know I know la.. my sheep wai Kuan, Yee Hoe, my sis and yuen Ching. Also in Hope serdang.. (too much d.. cant appreciate all). So just want to thank frens from MMU12 …. First Jason, sheue yun, khai ling, wei quan, chia hong & freddy.  You guys are really awesome!. Thanks for allowing me to be your leaders.. hehe.. I felt honored coz you are talented, gifted and good hearted. Of course those days we gila gila together

I too want to thank NIlai cg.. wow.. (also too much ppl haha) so just want to appreciate those core team. Chye Cheah, charlotte, eugene, jameson, yun hoen, chrystal, gregory. and other frens… you guys are really awesome coz you are sincere, really kind, helpful and friendly. This is one of the warmest cg that I have been, its like my family coz I really feel comfortable being with you!. I am sure God will bless this cg more n more coz your hearts are good. Just wait for His timing.. =)

Thanks my housemates alot, to Chiu Ling, Charlotte, sheue yun and Soo Hooi. We gone through alot ups and down specially Chiu Ling and Charlotte, thanks for being patience with me. From the start we fight each other until now we are good frensssss heheheheeeee…

Also thanks to Terence and Renee who given me chance to serve in Worship Team, also whoever couples that let me serve in wedding decoration =)

Lastly Thanks to my pastor .. WHY LER>> coz he allow me to go over to John church … HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA also Senior Pastor, Pastor SImon!! well I only get to talk to him so close for 10 minutes few weeks ago for all these yearssssss.. unbelievable HAHAHAHA….

Thanks to Hope church who build me up in foundation of my christian faith, most importantly.. I found my purpose thats helps me move on.. hehehe.. thanks

There are alot of people I want to appreciate but hehe scare it too long winded.. I have give you my christmas gift.. thats means that you been appreciated… thanks guys for your frienship.

hehe.. see you.


6 thoughts on “Thank you HIM

  1. Very touchy entry. I think I need to fast and pray so that when you step in Hope church for the final day, the raindrop won’t fall.. Get what I mean hor? Hehe..

    Thanks for being a good mentor and for your guidance and all forms of giving. My honor to serve you on your big day.

    God bless your marriage life. Love ya 😉

  2. bye bye…There should be a bright future in Jesus Christ.Thanks for the gift anyway. ^^ May God shiled your path in your future undertakings.Love ya.

  3. You’re welcomed 🙂 It’s our privilege to have you as the wedding deco coordinator – excellent and job well done.

    Gonna miss you in the worship team but anyways hope to catch up soon in the future …

    Wishing you all the best in your new life, families (natural and spiritual) and of course you’re still always welcomed to come back whenever you’re free with ur other 1/2 🙂 … Would like to get to know him better also… Take k

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