A night out

Yesterday I hang out with some of the friends in Sunway Pyramid.

And i drive this car of mine.. hahahahahhahahaha

TADA>> smart car…. kekeke

ok i think he look more like the owner of this car than me..

grr.. he look s fit with the car LOLx.. okok I am just kidding. This is not my car.. but my car to be.. “chiu bee” (translate urself in hokkien lol).. n i coloured the car plate number so that no one will sue us for copyright issue muahahaha

This car owner actually i think he work nearby my company only coz I sometimes see this car park at my office car park basement.. well today my colleague told me is “he” driving the car and also he is a chinese.. so gals.. don wait any longer.. faster chase after him so that you will be half of the owner muahahaha.

and ah i din tell JOhn we are doing this haha.. many ppl look at us shooting photo beside this car.. I am so scare that the owner discover this.. haha

also after so long .. now only learn how to camwhore -.-

stand in front of the mirror n shoot..

btw kan.. i don wan to do the 五连拍 camwhore XD Donno why i feel like i look funny lol


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