1 week of suffering

yea why 1 week of suffering? @.@

Actually story start where i already have little bit of toothache during the trip to Kampar & Trolak.

when On the way back to KL. I guess I start to sick d coz I sleep almost 4 hours in the Van all the way back.

when I reach home. I just felt very sick and have fever. So I did not follow charlotte wei qan they all for domino dinner T.T (although i like domino)

Instead I cook white Porridge (T.T) and waiting for JOhn to bring me see doctor ( I seldom see doctor one coz I think its expensive, and yes it is expensive..). Poor JOhn later on kena jangkit from me.. HAHA.

So I have fever + cough on Sunday night..Sound like have H1N1? lol well guess not coz I actually only have mild fever.

BUt interestingly, I continuesly have fever for 3 days. =.= and 2 days n half nv work. N after my fever is gone, my tooth is getting more painful argh!.

so again John bring me to see dentist while he is also fever + cough + muscle pain (sound  like more H1N1 lol), so I get my teeth washed! (I nv see dentist like 10 years at least?)

so my teeth are ok already and no more fever n left abit cough.

Now thursday night..

MY STOMACH IS having mood swing .. ALAMAK>

i donno wan to cry or wan to laugh.

yesterday until today my stomach is like having problem in digestion.

I donno when am I full and all day feeling hungry.

i cant sleep at night like now…. i tried ginger beer, eating sour food, ENO, Feng Sha Yuan… all seems lik just can tahan a while..

n today i have vomited twice.. mild one la…

I HOPE TMR it will stop…. aih….

pray pray pray


4 thoughts on “1 week of suffering

  1. Hi! Why not you try apple cider vinegar. It’s kinda of helpful if you take. I recommended that to Jennifer and it actually works on her. But you can only take unless you don’t have gastric because it is very very sour.

  2. No you don’t take apple cider when you are sick. Look like you are having a food poisoning. The viruses in your intestines are still active.

    Take more water and only eat porridge or whole meal bread only. If you can come, get the bamboo salt from me.

    Next time you come to my dentist in SS15. Dr Ng will bless the pastor’s family with lower fees.

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