Freddy is the best =)


KUANTAN: A team of five local engineering students have come up with a novel way to help drivers deal with the nagging problem of having to turn down the music to answer calls on the handphone.

The final-year students of Multimedia University in Cyberjaya, designed an ” intelligent audio muting system” that can automatically switch off the music coming from the car speaker when there is an incoming call.

And when the driver ends the call, the system will switch the music back on.

All this for less than RM30.

The team won the top prize of RM5,000, trophy and certificates from the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry for the designs and innovations category yesterday.
The team hopes to commercialise the idea. Project leader Freddy Tan Kheng Suan, 23, said they heard about the competition organised by the ministry and decided to try their luck with their design.


You never know you will touch someone who are world changer tmr.

almost 2 years ago, there is a little cute guy with dimple join us for life game. before that he join us few times for our church event such as cg and Christmas Service but he nv responded to the gospel.

Finally he responded in his heart to the game he played in life game (please join! if u nv experience before. It is meaningful even for the Christians, If you are not Christians, also join… they are meant for you =) ).

He only accepted Christ in a special occasion in one of our cg gathering, so awesome that Ricky lead him into salvation prayer during holy communion time =)

He is such a encouraging brother who brings lots of encouragement and fun and nv ending jokes to people around us.

I really inspire by him on yesterday testimony.

he shared ”

I do not know why I rejected offers from Intel, those big companies offers for internship In Singapore & in Penang. I turn down the offer for getting good salary and good career… but I stay back in Puchong in a small company, low salary and very busy life. Coz I know Cyberjaya cg needs me in this time.

I also start giving my building pledge.

And coz of this i have the oppurtunity to join this c0mpetition. Designs and Innovations competition held at the Hari Pengguna Malaysia 2009. Even though I am busy for work & competition. I still join prayer meeting, sunday service, even to reach out. Most of the nights I rush for the projects until 4 or 5 am in the morning, the next day I still go to work then at night continue to serve GOd.

there is 1 time i forget about prayer meeting, that night is the very important night to have final meeting with team members coz the next day is submission day. I still go for the prayer meeting and trust God to do the rest.

and I am selected to top 5 and win the first prize for this competition.

I am glad to know him in my life time, shared and inspired by his life.

In the middle is Freddy, right beside him is Chee Wee, and the most right person is Chia Jin

Praise God =)


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