Quick shopping

I get LOTS of stuff on last friday night, before fixing my car =_=

so even though the car fixing money is hurting but I at least get my hormon bit balance on the stuff i bought on friday night which also cost me like RM160+ (=_=!!!!)

I get like mascara, foundation powder,eyeliner, eye shadow, make up remover, facial cotton, a shirt from WHY, eye mask, refreshing pad from SKINLITE and all cost around RM160..

i think i do really quick shopping HAHA.. I buy all these within 2 hours, so u know why I don really shop usually. XD coz i don really enjoy the time looking around sometimes, i do quick decision if i think its wasting time =_+ BUt i use lots of time in looking for dress HAHA coz dresses are complicated things to me 😛

ok i try out the new eye liner & mascara plus simple white colour eye shadow.. i guess ah..

i donno.

the eye seems like bigger XD

Make the pic smaller so that won scare u with my eye

SkinLite refreshing pad

This one hor.. got 24 pads inside, cost RM17.90. I buy another one same product for RM1. so i got 48 pads for RM18.90. From SASA, I think this is the most worth product i get so far on friday HAHA.


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