Rumah Hope @ carolling

TV3 give sudden call to us that saturday they will go to RUmah Hope Child home for shooting our caroling & christmas gifts distribution. Mainly also wan to shoot the children..

i seldom shoot pics, i had the priviledge to use jinnie camera…so these are the photos that i like .t.. walaueh her camera is very good quality lo.. of course some i did edit haha..

is a good experience to go there. Seeing kids, some of the kids react more agressive especially those teenage that don like to me to shoot photo. I do not know it and I make him so angry until he drop the straw and refuse to play.

Yet generally they are very coorporative and especially a kid very polite, he keep saying sorry to me when the other guy gets angry.. so nice of them..

Thanks Chiu Ling for being the leader to organize everything, practises and different carollings.. you really a good coordinator LOL.. All of us enjoy the it.. keke..


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