a touching moment.

Im keep thinking recently. One of the most thing i think is this scenery that touch me alot.

I remember few months ago, there is a girl from my church are attacked by serious asma and fainted. Then she comma for few days. We were praying for her …

Then she was get into operation… after that she wake up and slowly recovered.

the first time she came to church after she discharge from hospital. I couldn’t recognise her.

She was pretty and skinny, smart and good in acting. She can straight cry infront of you when she is on stage, she can just act so narutally. She has 1 sister and 1 brother. she is the oldest. Not forgeting she has a boy friend in church =)

well after this incident, she change alot on her outlook. She get fat alot, her fashion are change. hair are different. So i coudln’t recognise her. Then… when the first time i talk to her, she couldn’t give me any respond. I was so worried. LOL.. I guess she is slowly adapting back to people.

She is appearing quietly in church, even though she still need to adapt the environment. I do not know how her family can accept this but i really salute them. Coz they are still faithfully attending church and serve God.

One time, after a combine service. I saw her boy friend tenderly hold her hand walking here n there in church. I guess it was too much people thats why hold her hand. I was touch.. really touch. THat is a hand ineed when you are really in trouble.

A help ineed that when you are alone.


and i see improvement when i start seeing her lift her hand and pray for people in prayer meeting.

Hope that she get well 100% soon =)


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