Kung Fu Panda

I like this show very much not only coz of the humorous and the brilliant skill of animation. This show make me stunned coz of the values that I can really learn from behind. I like cartoon alot coz, they always has certain values that can learn, it make it simple, easy to laugh yet it is meaningful.

I assume most of u already watch this show, so i wont be the spoiler ahahaha

This fat panda (pol), always dream off to be a kung fu master one day> However his dad ( a goose) always wanted him to own his famous noodle restaurant as his destiny.

At the same time, few kung fu master are looking for “dragon warrior” to fight a evil snow leopard warrior Tai Lung. So corincidently this panda so happened to appoint as “dragon warrior” by  tortoise Master Oogway (the highest master of kung fu).

Panda was greatly humilated by his appointed master shifu (red small panda, he was lower authority than the tortoise), and the rest of the kung fu animals, coz they think that Pol was not qualified to be “dragon warrior”.

When Po confesses his deep self-loathing due to his obesity and his belief that he may never be a match for Tai Lung, Shifu is at a loss for a solution.

Shifu discovers the that Po is capable of impressive physical feats when motivated by food. Realizing that he has found the right focus for the panda, Shifu leads Po to the countryside for an intensive training regime in which Po is offered food as a reward for learning his lessons properly. As Shifu hopes, Po excels with such motivation and swiftly becomes a skilled combatant.

I take myself as a view from the Shifu. Sometime we always think that certain people are useless and not worthy to be with us. We always think that the person is a looser, is bad or even no hope coz of their certain weaknesses. We suppose to help to train or grow the person but we end up rejecting them, humilating them.

Of course in this situation, the person will remain looser.

Until we change perspective to see their good side. Accept their uniqueness and teach them in another way to suit their character and behavior just like shifu said ” I can’t train you like how i train my other students before” then he use food as a motivation to train the panda in kung fu XD. SO CUUUTTEEEE… and shifu tells Pol that you have something that is no one has, he defintely can become the dragon warrior. Yes indeed. but you got to watch yourself la. won tell liao.

this let me think for quite a long moment..

which is..


4 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda

  1. Erm, i think u learn some lesson from that… Encourage u to apply what u learn in ur Cg… … although some of them really dun looked so adorable.. although some of them dun looked so obeyed to what we used to follow… but, grow them according to their character and potential, like how the shifu train the big-fat panda. I believe and pray that, one day they will come back and become great fellows for our lord..

    Gambateh wo :p

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