Dream Home

When i finish work, the first thinking is to rush back to home. Enjoying the warm welcome of the house people, and simply asking “have you eaten? Let’s go to eat together”.

Then we can go out together for dinner 🙂 or cook together, then.. we can chit chat for a while or helping one another doing house chore.

if one person make a mistake, we will just say its ok. the living room will not be empty all time, the house always have laughter. People will make effort to stay home, make priority for the house. House is about people’s life, we will not hesitate to teach one another and share about life.

Duty will not just remain as duty, is a chance to dicipline and learn.

Rental is to test us about our willingness, with no selfish thought.

we are humble to accept one another differences and appreciate their uniqueness.

I can see life coz we willing to share with one another and bare with one another’s burden just like a family.

When a person cry, another person will be sensitive and care. When a person is in trouble, other housemates will care . When a person make mistakes, the rest will teach with love, we will not be selfish for own benefit, we will be generous.

When a person sick, another person will care and cook poridge for her.

This house will bring hope, restoration, love, care, grace, mercy.

This is a dream. I wish it can come through.


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