malaysian dream gal

recently i am quite obsess by malaysian dream gal. mayb coz of the episod quite dramatic lol.. i know got alot ppl blog about this d.. but but but… i also got things to say neh..

the show has come to an end last week.. the result was not so surprising as in i already expect that who will win, but the 2nd prize & 3rd prize are kinda surprising..

Joleen’s dream gal definately not the no 1 gal.. i been seeing so many complain about her.. well of course me too.. i don like her attitude at all and her sharp tone of voice. she is so remind me of someone talking XD . she don do house chore.. complaining.. over reacting ( ow no i jus start complaining cannot ).. bla bla.. o well.. but come to think of it.. another side of me think that.. since no choice d among the 3 finalist… i might vote her coz of she is confident + good english .. but i sure won vote her coz her attitude n all hhehehe

but she won, = =!! so sad… thanks to her rich dad yea? in one of the episod i guess 16 she admit her dad support her financially alot.. surely is the sms voting ba.. why she go to admit that???? sigh..

pretty meh her photo??? so don plan to draw her cartoon lol



I like her this photo.. i like her in person. she don have good english.. the funniest answer that i heard when elaine ask her how much she wants to become a model. she says “higher than mountain, deeper than ocean”.. XD (well, my english also bad). but i like her coz she is quite quiet..

she look very pretty during runway show, jus that i still curious why most of her expression in photo look so serious XD.. she has nice smile.. anyway this photo really gets me .. nice! i will vote for her instead of Hanis mayb coz she is chinese.. haha.. not much reason.

surprisingly she got no2 (in chinese call black horse), i tot she might not make it to finalist coz there are many ppl better than her.. (jus wild guess maybe she also got very rich family background who support her but she jus keep it silent.. like that la only smart.. ) but i still will vote for her (well i din vote for any also.. syiok sendiri nya)..


she is cute n sweet.. and this photo really look elegant !!! nothing much to think about her .. she has alot of fans.. hehe.. she is so much better than cindy however she din get.. not so surprise that she din get no 1 but is very surprise that she gets no 3.. i tot she will win over adeline .. sad la she should get no 1 even i might not vote for her in reality.. hehe

if u wan to watch malaysian dream gal click here


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