business dream

i always have a dream to start business.. especially selling my own design..

the proof is..

when i was standard 3. my sis standard 2, i tell my sis i will sell to her fren some cards that i made.. ow yes.. 30 cent, 50 cent etc.. my sis agree.. but i think she is so shameful to sell off.. so she hide all the card. n she pay me with her money = =””””” my dream broken.. kesian my sis.. she is too understanding (Nah, i think i too fierce..)

so now.. what am i think of to sell? YEA birthday card

due to copyrighted and haven ask the person permision so make “blur” effect first.. hhahaha

price for one card (RM50).

rm20 for each badge

rm50 for each card

rm40 for each postcard

yea so wish that one day can sell that high price..

JOLEEN, stop dreaming.. >.<“”

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