Supernatural Week

Supernatural Healing

Brother Peter Troung from Hope Brisbon come to Hope Serdang and minister to us this week. Miracles and healings takes place where some people who are healed from hearing & vision problem. Yesterday i hear testimony of a lady’s back pain been much release. I guess God minister to me through the author call, when he call for people who wants to respond and turn back to Him again, i responded. Peter said ” God is please with you today as you turn back to Him just like the prodigal son. He wish that I will remain in Him, can I promise that?”.. the word just speak to my heart truely.. and i see many more people been minister by HIm.

Worship leading

this is my 3rd time leading, already 3rd time? I still get nervous as usual.. Everything I just want to glorify God in what He has done. I choose come holy spirit as my first worship song. Actually i doesn’t expect much ministering from taht song coz maybe its just a simple song? But I want to thank God He minister through simple song, and this week sunday actually this song played again. Brother Peter change our flow and want to add in How could I live without you. I was so tension coz this only left like 3o min before the real thing start.. And the chords are wrong! ( just know on Saturday ). I do not know how fei ling (keyboardist) and vincent (guitarist) manage it, BUt it sound alright during the real worship hahaha XD.

I believe that God is using me to be in worship team. I hope for more in Him.

BGR seminar

the teaching is good. What impress me is the mini concert after that. MMU cgs surprisingly have alot of people go for performance. Myles & Irene (african), vincent, khai ling, Sheue YUn & David went for dancing performance. I was touch by khai ling coz she willing to take this challenge coz she do not dance..! haha.. then of course vincent facial expression remain cool on the stage causing we laugh at him hehe.

wei quan has a good voice 😉 . Overall we have alot of good vocalists.. and make the night memorable.


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